Puzzles Games 101

History of Puzzles When you think about puzzles, most will go straight to the jigsaw variety. This may be the obvious archetype but puzzle games go way back to ancient Greece and the invention of riddles. Because of this puzzles are the older brother of Trivia Games. Unlike trivia where knowledge is the main solution, […]

Strategy Board Games 101

Basics of Strategy Board Games Strategy games are hard to define, many people will note that most games are “technically” strategy games. It is doubtful that you will play a game without having some sort of strategy. For this reason, it is more important to define what makes a strategy game before exploring their history. […]

Trivia Games 101

History of Trivia Games What do humans learn that makes them able to thrive? Information! This combination of question and answer itself can known as a trivium or a singular piece of trivia. Trivium originally started as the study of grammar, logic and rhetoric in Medieval Europe. Trivia Games soon populated academies The first usage […]

Tabletop RPG 101

History Tabletop role playing games (RPGs) were originally an expansion on war-games. Taking those miniatures and creating whole worlds for them to interact with. Created in 1974 by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson with the original Dungeon & Dragons (D&D). By the early 80’s it had become mainstream with many replicators to follow. Many video […]

Dice Games 101

History The original dice weren’t really dice at all. The first dice were knuckle-bone, usually from sheep. The first games involving knuckle-bone happened somewhere near 5000 BC. Early versions of dice were used for ‘Cleromancy’ or casting small objects in order to predict the future. The traditional 6 sided dice (D6) first appeared after 3000 […]

Tabletop War Games 101

History War games are old like as old as war itself, and the definition can be used to include some major old and strategic games such as Chess, Checkers and Mancala. Nowadays it typically refers to games specifically about war, Risk being the dominate example. Modern war games came about as a training exercise created […]

Roll and Move 101

History Gaming was forever changed with the introduction of Monopoly. A game literally made to try and show the “evils” of capitalism that has been the most capitalized game of all time, Monopoly was originally titled The Landlord’s Game. More variations of branded Monopoly exist than any other game on the planet. From almost every […]