Combustible Penguin Update – New Logo

It’s been a long and interesting year, but I’m excited to update everybody on the progress with Combustible Penguin. As well as show off the new logo. I have also settled on a logo that I like quite a bit, let me know what you think in the comments.

As I have been working on getting the gameplay to a polished level, I have also been working quite heavily on the art. You can check out our Facebook page at for all the new art.

The King

In more news, I have been working hard to make a digital version of the game. Stay tuned for an announcement on a free version of the game you can play online! I’m working on getting acceptance with Tabletopia as we speak, which has been a great resource for testing my game due to the current conditions.

I also had a great time attending my first ever digital game testing group, If you ever wanted to play so many concept board games it will make your head bleed, I would suggest Protospiel, you can find out more about them here

Besides that, I am excited to announce that the game is finally at a level where I feel it is ready to publish. I want to thank all my friends family and acquaintances that have beta-tested this game with me. I will be aiming for a late January Kickstarter launch, stay tuned!

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